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How does a Security Consultant save you money

Often Security is seen as an expense item in the balance sheet or in the home budget but with the help of a qualified and licenced Security Consultant such as Rampart Consulting it need not be the case. In truth Security Advisers can save you money!

The first way Security Consultants save you money is they tell you exactly what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Hence they prevent you from spending too much on security equipment that you don’t need. Either because the risk does not require such levels of protection or because the type of equipment you think you should put in place will be ineffective.

Secondly your Security Consultant can offer advice on what security guard services you need or if you need them at all. Many times we find clients are paying for Security Guard Services they don’t need or have been convinced they need more guards on duty then they actually do. Further to this our security advisers can conduct an audit on your security provider to make sure they are giving you the service that you are paying them for. It is unfortunate but true that some security providers, due to the fact their services are provided at times when businesses are closed or home occupants are asleep , state they have provided a service when in fact they have not. We have seen many cases where clients have been billed for times when staff did not attend at all or staff have not been properly qualified to undertake the tasks prescribed.

In addition we review your agreements with security providers to ensure you are paying a competitive market rate for your products and services. But are not paying so little that the workers that have almost complete access to your home or organisation have no loyalty to their organisation and have motive to steal from you themselves.

Thirdly Security in the workplace falls under the banner of Work Health and Safety. Hence failing to ensure staff are not suffering the mental or physical impacts of violence, harassment or intimidation in the workplace could see your organisation being sued, fined and or your workers compensation insurance costs increase dramatically.

Most people dont realise that in the medium to long term Security Consultants save them money!

Finally and perhaps most importantly, imagine the possible costs of just one incident. The cost of a Security Consultant or advisor is offset by the prevention of just one incident. There are a plethora of examples when one breach of Security has led to a business being closed for weeks and or months and in fact going out of business completely. For example a burglar who sets fire to a premises to hide their identity, or an intruder who steals valuable and confidential intellectual property information removing an organisations competitive edge or perhaps completely eroding their dominance in the sector.

Whilst it is often more comforting for people to believe it cant happen, to them, in their area, in there lifetime, the truth is it does happen to some one some where every single minute of every day. The question is not if but when. When that day comes you will either wish you had spent the money on a Security Consultant and gotten proper advice or you will be completely unconcerned because the worst never happened because you have spent the money to get the right advice at the right time. Remember there is a reason that every large organisation engage Security Consultants and Protective Security Advisors and its not for the optics but because they understand the value that Safety and Security Professional provides.

What Sets Rampart Consulting apart from our Competitors?

At Rampart we know when it comes to choosing a Security Consultant you have your choice of professionals. You also have your choice of un-professionals, the security guard who decided after a few years of standing at a gatehouse that they knew enough about safety & security to be an adviser to your business. Its unfortunate but true that some of the biggest names in this sector are also the biggest frauds. If you want genuine answers and not copy paste, rinse and repeat then read on!

At Rampart Consulting our Security Risk Management Consultants provide you with tailored answers. We focus on the one thing that matters….people. We know whether its insider threats, fraud actors or cyber criminals the common factor is the person behind the crime and the person affected by it. That’s why we are one of the few, perhaps the only Security Advisor to have qualifications in Forensic Psychology. We know that every person is different as is their risk appetite and budget and there is no one size fits all answer.

Above all of this our Security Consultants are former Police Detectives. We investigate the issues that are relevant to your staff, your interests, and your location. We have intervened and responded when other security providers have failed. Hence, we have seen time and again exactly why another security provider has failed and we have learnt from their mistakes. No matter who you are and what you need us to do our job requires us to investigate the cause and determine how we can prevent this issue from occurring in the most efficient way possible. Whilst everyone else focuses on gates & guards we focus on you.

beware the security guard turned security consultant and security adviser.
Beware the Security Guard Turned Pro - Ignorant Security Consultants
Detectives make better security consultants and protective security advisers
We hire highly experienced and professional former Police officers all designated detectives with deacdes of experience

What is the difference between a Security Advisor and a Security Consultant?

Is there a difference between a Security Consultant and Security Advisers
Security Consultants, Protective Security Advisers and Physical Security Consultants are very similar

Whilst we are often asked what is the difference between a Security Consultant, a Security Adviser, a Protective Security advisor and a Physical Security Consultant the answer is very little generally. The term Security advisor is interchangeable generally with Security Consultant and Physical Security Consultant or advisor. Perhaps the only difference is that amongst all three a Physical Security advisor or consultant attends to purely the physical security matters. Hence they are less likely to work on policy & procedures, emergency management and resilience matters like business continuity planning and key personnel succession planning.

A Security Consultant, can advise on all of the above matters and are not just limited to the physical security measures in place. Further Security Consultants can often give general advice on investigations, although, unless certified specifically for this or have relevant experience they cant give detailed and advanced advice. Finally to confuse matters even more, Security Consultants are known as Security Risk Management Consultants or advisors as well. Hence a Security Advisor and a Security Consultant are effectively the same beast.

What is the difference between a Security Consultant & an Independent Security Consultant?

When you are looking for a Security Consultant you need to know the difference between an independent security consultant and a general security consultant. The primary difference is that an independent Security Consultant is one who is not aligned with any security providers. Truly independent Security Consultants are often hard to come by in the industry, as many consultants have been in customer facing or management positions with numerous manpower and or electronic security providers. As such they often have an allegiance to different providers which you as the customer are unaware of. This in yet another reason why Rampart Consulting is often sought out by our clients. As our expertise is driven by our experience in Law Enforcement and government security operations, we do not have an allegiance to one provider over another. We work for the best interests of you the customer.

It is worthwhile considering though that whether you choose Rampart Consulting to be your security adviser or another provider, seek from a conflict of interest disclosure for any service provider they recommend. Overall any security consultant if asked to recommend a provider, should offer you at least three service providers who will quote for any work you need attended to. 

The real question is the security consultant working purely for your best interests of are they lining their own pockets so they get paid twice. This is why you should consider using Independent Security Consultants
Make sure your security consultant is working for your best interests!

 In this way you can have some understanding of the marketplace and the relevant costs and yet mitigate the possibility that your consultant or adviser is not being completely transparent.

What threats does a Security Consultants services protect you from?

Business is like Chess. You need to protect your assets. Our Security Consultants show you how to protect your business and its greatest assets.
Our Security Consultants provide your business with a strategic advantage
Domestic Violence in the workplace is a real threat, Security consultants and security advisors can help you manage these threats.
Domestic Violence is increasingly occurring in the workplace. Our Security Consultants can help.

Many people believe that security is easy. That they know how its done and how to plan it properly. But if that were the case the actual instances of crime would be very low, but we know this is not the case. Likewise, Security and security advice goes beyond security guards and gates.  But in today’s society the risks a security adviser and consultant protects against are greater than the random hoodlum that breaks in to steal cash or a laptop. In fact the threats we face today are far greater and far more lucrative to offenders.

Protective Security Advisors and Security Consultants concern themselves with the lesser known threats that affect your lifestyle and your organisation. Our Security Consultants devise strategies to reduce insider threats, those that come from the staff you employ and the contractors that enter your premises and access your systems. Security Consultants protect against Intellectual Property theft and Trade Mark Fraud, they prevent cyber security breaches and privacy breaches. They look to ensure your organisations policies and procedures are in line with current thinking and contend with changing methodologies of crime and unethical behaviours. In addition to this your Security Consultant can offer you business continuity planning and emergency management planning and response. This way your Security consultant ensures that even if the worst should happen then the losses you suffer from the incident are minimised. If it is an industry wide issue then your organisations planned response will give you the competitive edge whilst your competitors are trying to work out what to do.

Then there are the other common but less considered risks. Such as domestic Violence, which has time and time again found its way from home into the workplace. The ways to manage active armed offenders should such an incident occur as well as Threat Management practices for workers who become disgruntled and stalk their current or former co-workers and engage in violent or defamatory attacks on the organisation. These are just some of the risks that Security Advisors and Security Consultants manage for their clients every day.