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Strange but true onions are the key to your safety & security.

Onions are the Key to Security!

Onions are the key to Security not just Ogre’s ( excuse the gratuitous Shrek reference). Whilst garlic is the key to security against vampires perhaps, or a good wooden stake, for the rest of us your security is tied to onions. Nothing could seem further from the truth right, when was the last time you ever saw an onion standing outside a night club or attached to a security guards’ belt?

But onions or at least the principle of onions is the key to your security. As any kid that has done year 4 science class can tell you, the truth is onions grow in layers. They graduate from the earth and come to us with layers! Small layers.  They are made up of layer upon layer, upon layer (Sound familiar?). When we think about security though most of us think we have it covered with a lock on the front door!

The truth is to have real home security, the type that inspires so much confidence you don’t even need to think about it, you must have layers of security. That is not to say that your home needs to look like a fortress but it needs to have multiple layers of protection. Both overt and covert measures, or at least not completely obvious.

Each layer of security takes would-be intruders time to penetrate and increases the chance of being caught. The perfect mix of security is different for everyone and should consider what risks you actually face.  Maybe you only need the basics or maybe because of your job, your family situation and suburb you need to take a few extra measures but even then they need not be expensive and out of reach.

But how do you know how much to spend, what to spend it on and in what order? That is exactly what Rampart Consulting does for you. We assess your risk, your vulnerabilities and show you how and in what order to fix them. We can even recommend suppliers if you ask us to. Best of all we save you money! We’re not salespeople but Expert Security Consultants that show you how to live without fear and how to avoid the expense of break ins and property damage.

Whether you use us now or later the important take away is this: Security = Onions  – well actually layers = security. If you remember this then you are already starting to get ahead of the game.

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