The Symbolism of Rampart

A Rampart is the high wall surrounding medieval cities and castles. 

  • The Rampart offered the population of the city peace of mind, whilst also providing a physical barrier and visual deterrent to would be invaders.
  • It afforded the protectors of the city the ability to see into the distance and prepare for danger that was approaching,
  • It gave those behind the wall the high ground and thus the advantage in any confrontation allowing them to repel threats.

Hence the rampart was the core of their defences. In the same way Rampart Consulting is the basis for the safety and risk management of our clients today.  

Image of the Rampart at Avila, Spain.

The Rampart Team

Our team are former Law Enforcement and Emergency service professionals who have risen through the ranks and have worked on the front lines managing crisis  and averting risk on a daily basis. Decades of managing outcomes in a frenetic environment gives insights that no other background could. Our team have been responsible for the safety of thousands of people and organisations at a time. Our experience includes the close protection of the Prime Minister as well as planning, co-ordinating and commanding  numerous high risk operations across the state. We thrive under pressure and see your exposure to hazards where others don’t as our experience in your environment can not be surpassed. We are distinguished from our competitors by our pedigree, our qualifications and experience ensures we provide you with a service of great substance, on time and in budget. Our focus is ensuring that your organisation, business and household is not only safe but able to withstand any tumultuous event that befalls it.

Our promise to you

Integrity is the mark of Rampart Consulting that sets us apart. We  will always provide open and honest advice to you. The depth of experience that we have and our desire to give you the best possible outcomes means that you will always get what you paid for and more. We have the qualifications and practical know how that others lack. To prove our abilities we offer every new client a 30 minute free consultation. When you engage our services we will;

  • Manage and eliminate your exposure to risk now & in the future
  • Seek to increase profits and not just reduce loss
  • Provide clear independent advice and services specific to your needs
  • Ongoing support and on-call service as required
  • Build resilience and longevity into the organisations tactical and strategic profile
  • Train you in key areas to reduce risk and bolster your confidence in managing any threat that you confront 

Principal Consultant: Anthony Macklin

Anthony is the founder and Principal Consultant of Rampart Consulting and has over two decades of distinguished law enforcement experience. Anthony holds himself and his team to the highest standards of ethics and is passionate about ensuring the safety and resilience of his clients, the community and vulnerable populations. Anthony regularly provides seminars on womens safety and child abuse prevention.  Anthony’s vision insists that Rampart Consulting are supporters of a number of charities with a focus on preventing violence against women and children as well as funding services for those who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Anthony’s key skills and qualifications  include: 

Management and Organisational Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Management), WSU
  • Graduate Certificate Forensic Psychology
  • Diploma of Policing Studies
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Investigations)
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management)
  • Advanced Diploma Workplace Health & Safety
  • Diploma Security & Risk Management
  • Human Source Management – Level 1 & 2
  • Applied Leadership Training Program
  • Difficult Conversations with Employees Course
  • Crowd Safety
  • Certificate III investigations
  • Certificate II Security Operations

Professional Memberships

  • Member National Tactical Officers Association
  • Member Institute of Strategic Risk Management
  • Member American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International
  • Member International Association for Counter Terrorism & Security Professionals

Critical Incident and Frontline Engagement Training

  • Incident and Emergency Management Course (Facilitator)
  • Close Personal Protection Course
  • Operations Support Group (Public Order & Riot) Basic Operators Course
  • School & Campus Violence Threat Assessment Course
  •  Domestic Homicide Risk Assessment Course
  • Safe Custody Course
  • Arson Investigators Course
  • Specialist Youth Officers Course
  • Field Training and Assessment Officers Course
  • Field Training Officer Driver Development Course
  • Incident Commanders Course
  • Inspectors Transition Course
  • Mental Health Intervention Team Training
  • Search Warrant Risk Facilitators Workshop
  • Investigators Course
  • Custody Managers Workshop
  • Emergency Management Overview Course
  • Emergency Management Welfare Services
  • Introduction to Emergency Management Course
  • Emergency Management Fundamentals Course
  • Evacuation Management Course
  • Incident Command and Control Course
  • Teaching & Behavioural Support Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorder Students
  • Policing Aboriginal Communities Course
  • Sexual Assault Investigation Course
  • Drug Crime Course

Self Defence and Personal Safety Qualifications

  • Dealing with Aggressive Behaviours Course
  • Long Range Shooting Course
  • Spontaneous Knife Defence Course
  • Conducted Electronic Weapon User Certification
  • Behavioural Indicators of Radicalisation Course
  • Situational Awareness Course
  • Interactive Baton and Handcuff Course
  • Use Firearms to Humanely Destroy animals
  • Kinetic Martial Arts Instructor Level 1
  • Purple Belt Hapkido
  • Brown Belt Ninjutsu
  • Brown Belt Kufu-Do Kungfu
  • Blue Sash Shaolin Kung-Fu
  • Purple Belt Dragon Fist Free Style
  • Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level 1
  • Tactical Krav Maga Units 1 to 10 Certificate of Competency
  • 4 years Muay Thai & Boxing training
  • Conflict Resolution Course
  • First Aid & CPR Course


  • Police Service Medal
  • 1st Clasp to the Police Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • Police Commissioners Unit Citation
  • Assistant Commissioners Commendation