Active Armed Offender Training

When we think of Active Armed Offenders in Australia, we are often drawn to think of images of Islamic Extremists. Some thing that often feels far from our own place of work, our place of religion or education. But let us not be fooled by the media. We have seen active armed offender incidents take place in all manner of locations by offenders motivated by very different agendas. Consider the following  locations and / or circumstances that have given rise to Active Armed Offender incidents:

  •  Schools and child offenders
  • Disgruntled and former workers
  • Domestic Violence offenders coming into the victims workplace
  • Those suffering significant mental health issues
  • Right wing extremists and white supremacists
  • Offenders seeking revenge upon an organisation they believe has acted unethically 
  • Mosques, Churches, Synagogues and other places of worship
  • Concerts and sporting events
  • Offenders on a drug fueled rampage
Clearly there is no way of knowing when or if you or your organisation may fall victim to an offender who is determine to inflict as much death and serious injury as they possibly can.  Should the worst happen, will you and your colleagues know how to stay safe and how you could reduce the threat posed by an offender/s.


Preparing for such an event requires more than just evacuation training. It requires you to understand the many types of weapons that may be used by an offender, how they may be employed and what will provide suitable levels of protection and concealment. You need to know how you can escape from that situation, what a Police response will look like and how to ensure you do not hinder the rescue operation.

Rampart can provide you an effective tailored solution. No off the shelf training will suffice when your life or the life of others is at risk. Our experienced trainers, having personally experienced being shot at, knife attacks and vehicle borne threats can provide you with the best training available in a time and space that works best for you.