Business continuity is developing resilience to external factors that may otherwise wipeout or severely hinder your operations


Business continuity and resilience are closely related to crisis management, emergency management and risk management. A business continuity plan is a contingency plan for the events that could cripple your business or organisation for an hour, a day, a week or perhaps forever. Hence business continuity and planning is the life raft of your proverbial ship. 

This planning and implementation sounds like a simple enough task that any one could complete, but history has proven otherwise. Not to mention the substantial amount of time it takes to understand the individual forces that may come to bear to create such a situation for each individual entity. Some are almost universal yet are often not accounted for. Take a moment to consider, how could your business operate for the rest of the week if your office lost power, if there was a gas leak out side your office, a staff strike on public transport, a meteorological event impacting your city. 

These may seem like isolated events but they happen everyday some where in the world and regularly in Australia and New Zealand. When these and other crippling events occur , if you don’t have a plan in place that you have practiced the time you lose in trying to get key parts in place is time lost that you are paying for and getting no return. At the same time your competitors are gaining ground because they haven’t experienced the impact. What will your customer base do if you cant meet their needs when they need it? Obviously Business Continuity and resilience planning allows you to keep moving towards your objectives even in the most difficult of times. It limits the losses you could experience and reduces the impact to your brand and reputation. In fact if the disruption is well publicised, your response to it enhances the belief your customers have in you and also presents opportunities if your competitors do not have the same level of planning. 

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