Child Safety Training

The Child Safety Seminar – How to protect your children from sexual predators and online grooming
What every parent and carer needs to know to keep their children safe .

Every parent wants to protect their kids from the danger of sexual predators, and although we try hard we often worry that we’re not doing enough. Do you worry about who your child is playing with online? Are there people within your community who are targeting children? And, how do you notice the danger signs of potential abuse before it’s too late? With one Australian child in five sexually abused before they are 18, The Child Safety Seminar is your opportunity to learn how to protect children from sex offenders both in and around your community and online.


In his two hours long Child Safety Seminar, Anthony Macklin, former NSW Police Inspector and specialist sex offence investigator will teach you:

  • How to navigate the myths, methods and motivations of today’s sex offenders and learn how they are targeting children in Australia
  • The cyber safety rules that you can teach your kids to keep them safe when playing video games, messaging on social media and using their phones
  • The real facts about child sex abuse in Australia and, within your community
  • The statistics surrounding abuse and how offenders are closer to home than you realise
  • How to notice and become aware of potential abusers through their behaviour and tactics
  • Examples of common patterns used by offenders

Did you know that the majority of child sex offenders have more than one victim? Some as many as up to 150 victims each.  Instead of feeling scared about the potential dangers, arm yourself with knowledge and information that will protect you and your kids. Through Anthony’s experiences as a Police Inspector working on sexual abuse cases and as a security expert, he will share his insight and knowledge to help you keep your children safe from sex offenders and the ways they operate.

Anthony will end the seminar with an ‘open floor’ session where you will get the chance to ask questions, share your concerns and find out more about a particular aspect of child safety.

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About Anthony Macklin
Anthony was previously a NSW Police Inspector, member of the child abuse and sex crimes squad and a specialist sex offence investigator working on high profile sexual assaults, organised paedophile rings and kidnappings. Anthony also formed part of the Child Exploitation Internet Unit (a sub branch of the Sex Crimes Squad), was involved in the arrest of numerous child sex offenders and has helped other NSW Detectives with sexual assault cases.

Anthony’s experience has led to him working as a lecturer on the NSW Police Investigators Course and teaching NSW Police Youth Liaison and School Liaison officers about online child safety. He oversaw the creation of the first permanent Local Area Command Child Protection Registration compliance team in NSW. Additionally, he was a Bodyguard to the Prime Minister and other international heads of state.