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Conflict Management & Tactical Communication

Aggressive people are extremely challenging to deal with. A single wrong word or even the wrong tone can set a chain of events in motion resulting in physical and psychological injury to you, an employee or a third party. This results in millions of dollars in injury claims, lost revenue and medical expenses each year. If you or your staff have face to face contact with the public or perhaps work in an in home service setting then you should be ensuring the safety of your team by providing them with the tools to assess hostility and manage any aggressive person in such a way that they can diffuse the situation or escape the situation in the safest way possible.

Our training is based on decades of experience in working in hostile environments and utilising communication at expert levels, we will teach you;

  • Communication fundamentals
  • How to read body language to recognise aggressive people before you engage them
  • Common mistakes that change aggression to violence
  • Key principles required to manage conflict and de-escalate aggression
  • Understanding the psychology of conflict, aggression and violence
  • Gaining compliance and managing an ongoing relationship if required
  • Disengaging from a hostile situation into safety in any setting
With these skills you and your team can become experts at managing conflict and aggression in any setting. This ensures you and your team remain safe and still get the job done.
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