Crisis Management & Desktop Exercises

Desktop or full scale exercises provide your organisation excellent opportunities to practice and enhance your crisis and incident management skills. Practicing real skills in a benign environment highlights deficiencies in your plans and your team. It also allows your incident management team or command team to learn lessons without the negative impacts that occur should they be made in a real incident. 

Crisis management exercises also provide a test of the management team both as individuals and collectively. This provides insights into the teams aptitude for crisis management and can expose weaknesses that can usually be easily mitigated with the right training and support. With the experience of Rampart’s expert consultants and trainers guiding you we provide you training that brings to bear the stressors and intricate factors that can make the difference between a well managed incident and a catastrophic management decision that can not be recovered from.  

Our expert consultants speak with your team from lived experience and will diplomatically debrief the team after any exercise so that they leave the training with confidence and insight not otherwise available to them.

Some of the exercises we provide include the following factors;

  • Natural disasters
  • Site evacuations
  • Workplace accidents
  • Widespread negative media exposure
  • Full production / service shutdown due to internal factors
  • Production / service shutdown due to external influences
  • Serious credible allegations against management  or staff (Criminal, corrupt conduct, sexual misconduct)
Time and again what is proven is that resolving incidents with the correct approach reduces costs, increases confidence in all sectors of the organisation as well as your brand and increases the standing of your organisation against your competitors. Much of this comes from building a culture of resilience and capability with a top down approach. This is something you can only achieve through regular practice and a dynamic team.
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