Crowd management in a large stadium at night


Crowds are a part of every event, part of our commute to work, and an unavoidable part of our daily lives in urban areas. Thus its easy to become complacent in our consideration of the risks that crowds pose. History has proved that crowds can be fatal and need to be examined and managed through proper analysis and assessment of crowd types and the implementation of modern crowd management techniques.

Rampart consulting has experience in crowd management across some of Sydney’s best known venues and biggest events. We provide an individual assessment of the site and the crowd and provide a crowd management plan in consultation with you  to ensure that your needs are met. We will ensure that the relevant legislation is adhered to and that the procedures in place consider all possibilities.

We can provide you with document reviews, capacity reports, planning advice, onsite advice during events, safety auditing as well as  post events debriefs.

In addition we build in contingencies to our Crowd Management plans based on our vast risk management experience, this means we take into account the many hazards that can occur in any event or crowded area. If your site or organisation encounters crowds of any type Rampart Consulting can assist you  in maintaining the safety of the crowd, the site and your brand.