Emergency Management in action


It is said that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. This is often the case in Emergency Management where plans are provided without appropriate appreciation of hazards and risks. Emergency management requires a frame work that will provide for the many and varied types of emergencies that can and unfortunately do occur. Much of the challenge comes from complacency, the shock of an emergency, the dynamics of an event that were never planned for and the lack of experience of working in frenetic environments.

Rampart consulting brings over 2 decades of experience of working in and planning Emergency Management. Our experience gleaned from our work in and with combat agencies and planning for emergencies across the broad spectrum of possibilities gives us a unique set of skills complimented by external studies and qualifications. Our services provide insights that education or work in security roles alone can not provide. We provide tailored solutions to your risk signature to meet your individual needs on time and in budget.

Our services include to;

  • Emergency documentation preparation
  • Onsite emergency coordinator consultation
  • Emergency procedures review
  • Emergency Manager Services
  • Desktop exercises
  • Emergency Management advice and guidance
  • Staff training in Emergency Procedures and Management
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Liaison with combat agencies
  • Provision of Crisis Management Frameworks and Training
  • Leadership training for managing crisis and emergencies
We also provide our clients a call out service. If you need a crisis manager or emergency coordinator we can provide one of our consultants at short notice to work with your management team onsite or remotely if you prefer, to provide you strategic and tactical measures to reduce the impact your organisation experiences. IF you would like to discuss how we can assist you please click on the contact us button and call us today.