Hostile Vehicle Management is not a new field in Security and Risk Management. It has now taken on a new facet. Hostile vehicle management was previously vehicle or traffic management, centred around pedestrian safety and providing clear direction to drivers as to where they could and could not gain access for their vehicle. In this era of heighten criminal and terror activity we treat vehicles as active threats where the vehicle is used as a weapon. The real emerging difference is that we now must consider vehicles being used as an intelligent threat , with the deliberate intention of causing maximum damage to the community. Hence there is an increase in the protective layer that needs to be provided. 

Rampart Consulting understands that Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a necessity for many organisations and has an impact to the look and feel of the environment that we work and live in. We believe that Hostile Vehicle Mitigation strategies are more than just barriers and bollards. Hostile Vehicle Management needs to be seamlessly integrated into the environment and the planning for any crowded space. We provide you with a full risk assessment and tailored solutions to your needs and seek to provide protection that serves dual purposes and is both preventative and visually deterring to those that seek to do us harm but almost invisible to those that live and work in the area. 

Rampart Consulting’s experience in Hostile Vehicle Management Plans comes from the  provision of  plans for numerous events and review of numerous plans  during event preparation in our role as Police Officers. If you want someone that can provide a comprehensive Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Strategy and Plan that meets your needs at a reasonable price contact us to discuss how we can assist you.