Jet aircraft behind high security fence


When people think of security, they think of protective security measures. In an instant you think of cameras, gates, security guards and high fences. Its true this can be part of protective security measures but this is not all it is. Protective security done properly is a holistic and layered approach that will protect your people, your assets and often your brand. 

Our Protective Security Consulting services provide a vast array of services. We assist you in determining your vulnerabilities and the risk each poses. Systematically working through the vulnerabilities and providing solutions that provide the best mitigation inside your parameters. We not only provide solutions but help you gain a blend of techniques that are both overt and covert. We ensure your security measures deter intelligent threats, quickly detect offenders and delay or prevent their ability to access the target person or object. 

Rampart consulting has a unique blend of experience and qualifications in this area. Having experience in Strategic, Tactical and Investigative roles in Law Enforcement we understand and can predict better than most, the threat posed by vulnerabilities and how criminals and hostile parties would exploit these circumstances. Unlike other Security Consultants our experience means that we have actively engaged with offenders, watching them , talking to them, understanding their psychology and methodology as well as reverse engineering their processes. Understanding those that would do you harm can only be gained from experience on the front line, being dynamic and restraining their opportunities. No other occupation provides insights into the reality of our community as Policing does. 

As such our services include but are not limited to:

  • Security Management Plans
  • Site assessments
  • Vulnerability and threat assessments
  • Crime prevention strategies
  • Security penetration testing
  • High risk movement route planning
  • Auditing of Security Services
  • Evaluation of Security tenders, documentation and service provision contracts
  • Project management of implementation of Security Measures
  • Legislative compliance 
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • Security Management Service 
  • Staff training in managing violent situations
  • Liquor and regulated industries consulting
We are also pleased to provide to our clients a security management service. This allows you to delegate the management of your Security Contractors to Rampart Consulting. This reduces the need for a security manager for a small fee and ensures you get the best possible service from your security providers. 

Finally Rampart are fiercely independent. We are not associated with any manpower or physical security provider. As such you can be assured that we are always working in your best interests alone. 

NSW Security Master Licence No 104540