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Risk Management is an essential part of every organisations operations. No matter the field or industry, risk management is key to the longevity and survival of any entity. Risk management however is often a misunderstood animal that many claim to know but few give proper attention. Risk Management is an area of your operation that requires regular attention and continual upgrade and can not be stored in a document, put on the shelf and left to degrade. Rather risk management is an evolving art form, that when done right can not only decrease risk but often identify opportunities and new ways to achieve your objectives. 

At Rampart Consulting we understand that your core business takes up much of your time and it is here where your efforts are best dedicated. However our services provide you with cost effective ways to minimise your risk. In fact we seek to not only mitigate risk but also ensure that your bottom line improves and wherever possible increase your revenue as well. 

Our unique blend of experience and qualifications allows us to see risks where others do not and provide cost effective solutions that reduce your vulnerability and improve your organisations resilience. We account for risks in Security & asset protection, workplace safety, brand and reputation, policy and procedure deficits, key staff replacement, meteorological events, illness, critical infrastructure breakdown, staff psychological welfare, emergency management and information security to name a few. 

Our service not only provides planning and mitigation around the identified hazards but we also provide 24/7 support for our clients in the event of any incident taking place. In these instances we provide real time advice and can attend on site to assist, co-ordinate and liaise with stake holders to ensure that our clients experience the least impact to their operations that is humanly possible.