Seminars & Training

Kick them in the testicles! Almost every woman I have spoken to about defending themselves against an attack touts this as their go to method. Unfortunately predatory attacks do not allow this to play out so easily. The truth is Women’s self defence courses have peddled many lies about what will and wont work based on the theories of someone who has not been attacked and has no experience of actual violence. The experts at Rampart have worked with numerous victims of sexual assault and robbery. They understand the methodology of offenders. They know that a foot stomp will not be available to you is someone grabs you from behind. They can provide a ways and a means to give you the best chance of not being victimised. We will teach you the legislation around self defence, how to adapt every day items to afford you protection and show you someone you is bigger than you and stronger than you can be beaten. 

This course is designed for Police, Corrections and other Law Enforcement staff to supplement their basic training. This four hour course will explore the concepts that underpin martial arts and show how these can be applied in a Law Enforcement context to improve officer safety based on real experience. Having  attended this course, students should be able to apply these techniques in the street allowing them to control offenders with confidence and skill without trying to pair multiple techniques to multiple circumstances. Through the use of these concepts students will learn blocking techniques, counter striking, takedowns, pressure point and pain compliance techniques. These techniques have all been utilised by the instructor in real encounters. This course is about being simple and effective, not artistic or cool.  

Law Enforcement Combatives Concepts - Advanced

Law Enforcement Combatives Concepts – Advanced course is for students who would like to take their application of the concepts to a higher level. The introduction of further concepts will enhance the utilisation of the original concept training. Students will gain an insight into how pairing martial strategy with martial principles can ensure the safest out come for themselves , their partners and the general community. The application of these concepts in the street will ensure that the student has the tools to be formidable in almost all situations. Course duration 4 hours.
(Please note completion of Law Enforcement Combatives Concepts – Basic, is a pre-requisite to attending this course)

Front Line Staff Self Protection training

Increasingly front line staff in our Health service are being attacked on a regular basis. Professionals that have close contact with all aspects of the broader community trying to help people whilst they are emotionally charged and in crisis. The risk to staff in this environment can not be down played. This course serves to provide front line staff with the chance to learn conflict management techniques as well as legitimate protection strategies and principles to ensure that they can repell an attacker and escape or contain the aggression. This course is taught by instructors who have applied all the techniques taught in real life and go well beyond a basic womens self defence seminar or similar and is designed with the ambulance officer, nurse, mental health worker in mind.

Crowd Management Training

If you work in events, local government or a command position in Law enforcement this training will provide you all that you need for planning crowd management for large events. Crowd management provides us with the science to ensure that the ingress, egrgess and movement of crowds around a venue or area can be done with safety preventing crowd crush (craze) and ensuring bottlenecks and impedements are contained so that crowds can move freely. This training will promote a safer more enjoyable event for attendees and reduce the risks of crowd injuries and violence in any planned events. It is a must for any staff who work in this field.

Conflict resolution and Communication in hostile environments

Effective communication strategies are often the key to managing hostile environments safely. Of course the incorrect techniques are likely to ensure violence ensues. Simple techniques can be easily taught to anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate and reduce conflict and hostility. This sees a decrease in violence and stress in the workplace and ensures that staff are safer in their contact with the community.

Mens Defensive Strategies

All men would like to think that they have the tools to be able to protect themselves, their partners or their children should  the need arise. But many men have little formal training in understanding street attacks, knowing how to defuse a situation without the application of physical force and the ability to protect their loved ones should the need ever arise. In the hectic lives we all lead there is often little time for men to gain ethical , street effective skills . This 3 hour seminar will provide men of all ages and backgrounds with techniques to decipher what is going to take place, how to defuse a situation and appropriate techniques to resolve an altercation.