Have you ever been near someone or known someone who just made you feel uneasy?
Like something told you that person wasn’t right?
Do you ever find yourself isolated and feeling vulnerable?

Maybe there is a good reason you feel like this. The statistics are in fact horrid. In the 2016/17 financial year there were 25000 reported sexual assaults. Studies show actual victimisation is likely to be much higher. Sexual assault is the only crime category that continues to rise. In fact it is up 9% alone in the last year and has been increasing for the last 6 years!

Every woman is potentially  a victim of sexual violence at the hands of a male. The perpretrator could be your spouse, an acquaintance or someone you have never met before. Whilst in a perfect world we should never have to worry about this, in reality we need to educate ourselves on how to recognise danger, avoid and or escape predators whilst still being confident and independent.

SEXUAL ASSAULTS - 2016/2017 Financial Year

The Women's Safety and Defensive Strategies Workshop: Thurs 8 March

The Women’s Safety and Defensive Strategies Workshop takes a unique view of violence towards women. In this workshop we will dispell the myths that are commonly held as fact by the general public. We show you the fallacy of the usual Women’s self defence class. We discuss the psychology and the methodologies of offenders so you are able to detect danger before it is too late. We show you techniques anyone can use to increase their awareness and safety , and should an attack take place the best opportunity to escape without needing the combat skills of a veteran soldier. All of this is done in a prestigious setting whilst you have a glass or wine or a cup of tea. (No physical activity required!)

The presenter, Anthony Macklin, is uniquely qualified in this field having been a former specialist sexual assault Detective, who has also been a bodyguard to international dignitaries, a street cop and a martial artist with experience in 10 different styles over 24 years

This workshop will be unlike anything you have seen before providing attendees with a tool kit that you will have at the ready everyday you leave the house.