WHS consultants, WH&S consultants with experience in high risk work environments

Work Health & Safety Consultants

Workplace health and safety is a legislated requirement for every workplace or organisation that carries out any activity , often referred to as a PCBU. The problem is that WHS covers a vast array of workplaces and requires numerous actions and clear documentation to ensure that your organisation is compliant with the legislation. But this is more than legislation, WHS is about ensuring that you and the people you work with and who come into contact with your work environment wherever that may be, leave in the same state that they arrived. This includes their physical  and mental health. This is where Work Health and Safety consultants can help.

We know that some occupations have inherent risk but these risks need to be reduced to “as low as reasonably possible” (ALARP). But how can you tell if you have achieved this level? How do you know if you are compliant with the legislation. Rampart consulting can provide any PCBU with advice on assessing risks, minimising risks and documenting the process of how this was achieved. We can provide you with a frame work to implement in your work place as well as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), WHS registers, workplace accident investigations, WH&S audits and almost any and all other WHS services that you may need.

As work health and safety consultants we have gained our experience from managing risk in some of the most hostile and dangerous work environments that exist in Australia today. We see what is often unseen by other professionals and it is this foresight that provides you with piece of mind. We are your one stop shop for Work Place Safety. 

Our work health and safety consultants are dynamic and personable and understand that you need to operate your business safely but with minimal interference. In consultation with you we will develop a WH&S compliant working environment that is conducive to increasing your bottom line and ticking all the boxes of work cover. This leaves you to focus on your business.